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You can save 39% when you upgrade to a Pro Annual membership—that’s like getting 4 months of Leadpages free. Upgrade now and don't pay again until 2018.

Best Discount: Save 39% Off the Cost of a Monthly Plan When You Upgrade to Pro Annual 


You'll get a year's access to our drag-and-drop builder, to create as many landing pages as you like. Plus, you'll save 39% off the cost of monthly—that's like getting 4 months of Leadpages free.

Plus, You'll Get Our Best Pro Features Like Leaddigits, Unlimited Split Testing, and Unlimited Leadlinks for the Year

Leaddigits: Use Text Messaging to Collect Leads  

As a Pro Leadpages member, you can also use the power of text messaging to grow your email list with Leaddigits.

Leaddigits lets you ask subscribers to join your list, sign up for your webinar, or opt in for your lead magnet right from their mobile phones. 

Leaddigits are perfect for growing your list at conferences or speaking engagements, during podcasts, in your printed books, during videos, at brick-and-mortar businesses, on signs or billboards, and more.


Split Testing: Run an Unlimited Number of Split Tests 

Run as many split tests or "A/B tests" as you like with our built-in split testing tool (for our Pro members only).

See how your landing pages and opt-in forms are performing at a glance, then optimize each page by setting up a split test to test headlines, images, backgrounds, button copy etc. 

It takes only a few clicks to start discovering exactly what works for your specific audience.  

Leadlinks®: Add 1-Click Registration Links to Emails 

Add Leadlinks to your emails to allow your subscribers to opt-in for specific ists with a single click. 

This Pro feature allows you to easily encourage your existing subscribers to register for your upcoming webinar, join your launch list, opt-in for a segment on your list and much more. 

Also, you can even give Leadlinks to affiliate partners to email their lists on your behalf—and grow your list that way.


As a Pro Leadpages Member, You'll Also Get Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Leadboxes, Weekly Coaching Calls, Chat Support, and More... 

  • Unlimited Landing Pages: Create as many high-converting landing pages as you like for the entire year.
  • Unlimited Leadboxes: Use Leadboxes to grow your list from anywhere on your websites and blogs.
  • Weekly group coaching calls: Get on the phone with Leadpages marketers every week to ask your toughest marketing questions.
  • API-level integrations, Facebook publishing, domain mapping, and 4 different publishing options for your landing pages
  • Industry-leading email and chat support: You'll have our technical support specialists standing by on both email and chat if you have questions during your annual membership.
  • Access to our affiliate program: Get 30% recurring commissions for any new Leadpages member you send our way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Leadpages membership do I need to upgrade to get in on this savings? 

To get our best discount—and save 39% off the cost of a monthly membership—you need to upgrade to a Pro Annual membership. When you do, you'll lock in this annual savings for as long as you remain a Leadpages member (and you won't pay again until 2018).

I'm not Leadpages member yet! Can I get in on this discounted rate?

Sure can! If you're not a Leadpages member yet, just click below to purchase to a Pro Annual membership now. You'll instantly get this 39% savings off the cost of our monthly plan when you join Leadpages through the link below. 

Go here to purchase a Pro Annual membership and get this 39% discount.

I'm already a Pro Annual member! How do I get this discounted rate?

No need to do anything! If you're a Pro Annual member—then you already have this discounted rate. 

The current monthly rate for a Pro membership is $79 a month. You paid $576 in advance so you're already saving 39%! You'll continue to enjoy this discounted annual rate for as long as you remain a Pro Annual member.

What happens when it's time to renew my membership next year?

Good question! You'll lock in the current discounted rate of $576 for the year for as long as you remain a Pro Annual member—or 39% off the Pro Monthly rate of $79 a month. 

I'm in! How can I get started?

Fantastic! If you already a Leadpages member, just click below to upgrade to a Pro Annual membership now. You'll instantly get this 39% savings when you upgrade through the link below. 

Not a Leadpages member yet? Go here to purchase a Pro Annual membership and get this 39% discount.

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