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This System Includes:

  • 9 easy-to-implement videos (in bite-size chunks)
  • 9 MP3 audios (to listen on-the-go)
  • 12 downloadable PDFs (transcripts, module handouts, a checklist, and the list building Monetized Action Plan mindmap.)
  • The Leadpages email list building Monetized Action Plan
  • And I've decided to give all of it to you for free!

Watch the Entire Video Course Below and Take Action on What You Learn. You Will Grow Your List Faster and Help More People with Your Products and Services as a Result!


Why List Building Matters (Still)

In this first video, I'll give you the birds-eye view of this course and why email list building is still crucial for marketing success today - whether your company is relatively new, or simply want to give your online marketing a boost.

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Create Your List Building MAP

In this module, I'll break down the planning process of an overall email list building marketing plan - what I like to call a Monetized Action Plan. This will give you ideas on how to think differently about your own list building at any stage of growth. 

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Set Up Your Traffic Net

In this module, I'll lay out the steps for your online traffic net so you can turn your website visitors into leads. I'll also show conversion strategies to optimize opt-in rates. This module also includes an essential ingredient (most people forget about) to inject a viral component to your list building for faster subscriber growth. 

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Autoresponders vs. Broadcasts

If you truly want to leverage the power of your list, incorporate Autoresponders as much or more than broadcasts and newsletters in your online marketing. In this module, I'll clarify the differences between autoresponder follow-up messages and broadcast messages. I'll also show the communication strategies for automating much (but not all) of your email marketing. 

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"Sliced Bread Marketing"

A conversation with Chris Davis, Head of Marketing Automation, @Leadpages

In this exclusive interview with the brains behind our own internal email list building system, I'll give you an inside look at what’s really working for Leadpages and our follow-up process. You'll get inside the mind of Chris Davis, a specialist in marketing automation. 

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Your First 5 Messages

How you communicate with your new subscribers sets the stage for long-term revenue growth. In this module, I'll show you how to think about your initial cluster of follow-up emails to go out to all new subscribers and/or customers. The goal is to lower unsubscribes and refunds. You'll also increase your “stickiness” with your subscribers through social media connections. 

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Sales Page Conversions

Your email list doesn't serve much of a purpose for your business if you can't turn your leads into customers. In this module, I'll show you key concepts to consider for creating a high-converting sales page. I'll also make sure you know how to connect your shopping cart to your sales page, as well as measure your conversions to help you make more sales. 

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Personalized Lead Nurturing

Email list building sometimes requires a more personal touch when working with larger B2B clients. In this module, I'll bring the wisdom of Kyle Hale, the VP of Sales at Leadpages. He'll share phone and 1-1 email strategies he's used at Bitesquad, CrowdCut, and now Leadpages to close more deals.

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Analyze Your Results to Scale Your Campaigns

After your email follow-up sequence has run for a short time, you are ready to start analyzing the results to make key decisions. In this module, I'll show you how to make those decisions so you can optimize every part of your list building for higher profit margins. You'll also see how to uncover hidden revenue opportunities for your email list. 

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Leadpages Makes Email List Building Easier - Guaranteed!

With Leadpages, you can create your entire email list building system quickly and easily - without knowing anything about HTML, programming, or web development. Create an unlimited number of high converting landing pages, publish them to as many domains as you want, and get as much traffic to them as you can handle. Success comes faster with Leadpages! 

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