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What Are Leadboxes?

Leadboxes are Leadpages’ answer to building your list, getting more leads and growing your business fast—without annoying your web visitors with countless opt-in forms on your site.

They're your fast, simple, solution for creating pop-up opt-in forms you can use anywhere on your websites. 

Now, with our new drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your Leadboxes any way you like.

"My subscribers have quadrupled in a six month time frame since using Leadboxes and Leadpages." 

— Lynne Knowlton, Founder of Design the Life You Want to Live, Inc.

"Leadboxes help you get AMAZING opt-in rates. Got 85% with this last one." 

Rachel Rofé, Founder of Rachel Rofe Enterprises

"Been getting phenomenal results from Leadboxes by Leadpages! Big opt ins and up to 65% conversion rate." 

— Daragh Walsh, Founder of Complete Digital Marketing Course

Why Are Leadboxes So Effective?

Leadboxes use a two-step opt-in process that gives you multiple advantages:

  • With Leadboxes, you can link any button, image or line of text on your blog or website to an opt-in form without distracting your visitors or driving them to a landing page.
  • With this kind of flexibility, you can strategically place opt-in forms anywhere on your websites—in your sidebars, headers, footers, and in even in the middle of any content you offer—without annoying your web visitors.
  • They allow you to share value with your visitors before you ask them to join to your email list. (Which makes your visitors more likely to say yes.)
  • It leverages your visitors' natural behavioral inertia. If you can get a visitor to say "yes" to clicking the button or link that opens your Leadbox, they're more likely to follow through on that action and join your list. 
  • By opening a separate private form, it creates a secure, reassuring experience for your visitors that encourages them to join your list. 
  • It eliminates distractions and puts your visitor's focus on your call to action—opting in to your list.

Bottom line—Leadboxes create a better user experience and more positive response. 

How Can You Put Leadboxes to Work for You? 

Leadpages' drag-and-drop Leadbox builder lets you quickly customize your pop-up opt-in forms any way you like. 

You can add fields, buttons, images, timers, icons, and even a video like on this example Leadbox. 

You can also change the backgrounds, colors, and layout of each individual Leadbox so it perfectly matches each offer and your business's brand.

You can also paste the tracking code from your favorite analytics service into Leadboxes' analytics fields and collect additional data.  

To start collecting leads, simply integrate your new Leadboxes with your favorite email platform. Once you do, you can automatically grow any list inside your email platform with each Leadbox.

Three Ways to Publish Your Leadboxes

1) Linked Leadboxes: 

You can link Leadboxes to any button, image or line of text on your websites, or so they appear when your visitors click. 

This is perfect for linking Leadboxes to your homepage, or adding content upgrades to your blog to give away custom lead magnets with each post.

2) Timed Leadboxes: 

Timed Leadboxes automatically appear after a preset interval. They give your visitor time to get familiar with your site and before they pop up. 

You can also set timed Leadboxes to appear after so many days or web visits, so the same visitor is not constantly seeing your pop-up (and you're not continually asking the same person to subscribe).  

3) Exit Leadboxes: 

You can publish your Leadboxes as an "exit-pop" that appear when your visitor appears to be getting ready to leave your page.

Just like Timed Leadboxes, Exit Leadboxes give you the ability to set an interval when your box won’t pop up.

With Leadpages easy-to-use platform, you can integrate Leadboxes with all major email service providers, CRMs and webinar platforms and quickly start building your list. (You can even send subscriber data to multiple destinations.)

You can use multiple Leadboxes on individual pages to offer different lead magnets, fill your webinars, and grow multiple lists at once. 

As a Leadpages subscriber, there's no limit on the number of Leadboxes you can create and use—or on how many subscribers you can add to your email list.

Now—Faster and More Flexible

With Leadpages powerful new drag-and-drop Leadbox builder you have total flexibility to design your Leadboxes any way you want. With a simple point and click of your mouse you can:

  • Add or rearrange any elements on your Leadboxes. Drop in custom headlines and unlimited copy. Add or rearrange images, videos, icons, countdown timers, progress bars and even custom HTML to design your Leadbox to your exact requirements...

  • Collect any information you like from your subscribers. You can add fields to capture whatever information you want, including a subscriber's email, first and last names, addresses, phone numbers or any other information. You can even add a field to collect comments from your subscribers…

  • Create perfectly customized Leadboxes to match your branding. You can even add, delete and arrange entire sections to create the ideal layout for your Leadboxes to match your business's unique branding…

With Leadpages new drag-and-drop Leadbox builder, the possibilities for creating powerful lead-capturing pop-up forms are virtually unlimited.

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