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The Conversion Journey: 5 Steps to generating more leads and sales 

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Workshop recap


Close the sale with a high converting sales page

  • Begin with the end in mind 
  • Have a clear direction for your funnel 
  • Provide a strong value proposition 
  • Reduce barriers to purchase 
  • Offer proof of benefits  


Create a compelling follow-up campaign

  • Each email has a specific purpose 
  • Overcome objections while providing massive value 
  • Ensure every step leads folks to the sales page (CTA) 
  • Check out Drip (free)


Use your thank you page to deliver on your initial promise

  • The TYP is where your hot leads go
  • Don't squander TYP with meaningless text
  • Provide opportunities for further engagement (and a sale or two)
  • Social Sharing TYP for more referral traffic
  • Welcome Mat/Tripwire offer  


Capture qualified leads with a lead generation asset

  • If you're blogging, use a content upgrade
  • If you're not, use a landing page
  • Content upgrades provide massive value that's targeted toward the person reading specific content on your blog
  • Landing pages can provide lots of choices for lead magnets -- more time spent creating them does not equal higher conversion rate
  • Consider using landing pages & pop-ups  


Drive high-quality traffic

  • Traffic can be bought with money or time
  • Without money, you'll have to spend lots of time
  • That time can be well spent, but it's long-game focused and won't likely get quick results.
  • Facebook ads are our favorite way to get quick results
  • Start simple with 1-2 ads
  • We've found short videos and GIFs work best  


Put it all into action

Use the training recap handout to create your own conversion journey.


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Facebook Ads Simplified [Video Course] 

One of the most important steps in the Conversion Journey process is driving traffic to your offer. In Facebook Ads Simplified, you'll have the exact blueprint for setting up your first Facebook Ads campaign. In the second step, we talked about creating effective follow up sequences. Campaigns where every email serves a specific purpose—overcoming objections while delivering value to your prospect. All while guiding them to your sales page.


Resource guide lead magnet templates

Another critical piece is having a valuable free gift for your prospects. With these Keynote and Powerpoint templates, your resource guide will be completed in minutes (instead of weeks or months). Simply swap out the text with your own recommendations, and you'll have your own professional looking PDF for your marketing.  


Simple, Profitable Facebook Campaigns [Video Course]

Simple, Profitable Facebook Campaigns [Video Course]  

After you have the basics of list building and Facebook advertising mastered, you'll want to take a longer view of your marketing campaigns. In this intermediate level training, you'll discover how to expand your Facebook marketing into a 4-phase campaign strategy that yields expanding results.


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